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  • Karmê Chöling

    Enlightened Society Assembly at Karmê Chöling

    Earlier this year, from 16th – 31st August, I was very fortunate to attend the Enlightened Society Assembly programme held at Karmê Chöling, the Shambhala Meditation Centre in Vermont, USA. The Enlightened Society Assembly emphasizes the intrinsic goodness of all beings and society; practices that rouse bodhicitta and compassionate openness; and confident activity that engages … Continue 

  • shambhala_sun

    Being a Shambhalian

    A vulnerable open-eyed-hearted warrior with a sense of humour and expansive breathing skills. What do I mean by this? The first time I arrived at Erin Hall for a Shambhala meditation, I felt immense safety, which is what I was needing in order for me to start healing my wounds. The colour felt yellow and … Continue 

  • Ramadan

    Watching Ramadan

    Ramadan is always such a beautiful time in Cape Town. The older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet compassion which settles over the city in the month of the fast. When I was younger, the fast seemed to me (someone brought up in a half-Christian/half-atheist household) like a tortuous sacrifice, a kind of … Continue