Erin Hall in August – Jennifer Woodhull and Shastri Sandra Ladley


We have two very special teachers joining us virtually at Erin Hall in Cape Town this month…

August 11 – Shastri Sandra Ladley will give guided practise instructions, including Tonglen, and go deeper into the Lojong slogans focusing on Point 3: Patience

August 25 — Jennifer Woodhull will be back at Erin Hall (albeit virtually), and had this to say about her offering . . .

“In June, I attended a retreat in California for Ani Pema Chodron’s close students. Shastri Sandra Ladley accommodated me before and after the retreat, and drove us both there and back. It was wonderful to experience the retreat with her, and with other friends I hadn’t seen in some time.

Ani Pema had asked all of us to study a book called Reflections on Silver River—a translation by Ken McLeod of a 14th century Tibetan text called The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva. We were each to memorise one of the 37 verses, and be prepared to discuss it at the retreat. I chose Verse 4, which has to do with the inevitability of separation and death: “The guest, your consciousness, will move from the inn, your body”, reads one line. Rather than experiencing this verse as morbid, I find in it much to contemplate and treasure as I grow older. I look forward to offering it—in fact, the entire text—when we meet on the 25th”

Please join us. Recent sound glitches will have been resolved and they both promise to be insightful teachings!

Teachings and meditation will take place from 6pm – 8pm. For directions to Erin Hall, please click here.

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