Erin Hall in December

We have two very special teachers joining us virtually at Erin Hall in Cape Town this month…

December 8 – Shastri Sandra Ladley will continue with Lojong teaching 17 “Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions”

December 15— Jennifer Woodhull will be back at Erin Hall virtually and will continue her teachings from her studies with Ani Pema Chodron on Reflections on Silver River—a translation by Ken McLeod of a 14th century Tibetan text called The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva.

We would love you to join us. The teachings are never less than hugely insightful, and the Shambhala community would appreciate your presence.

Teachings and meditation will take place from 6pm – 8pm. For directions to Erin Hall, please click here.