Acharya Mathias Pongracz Culture of Kindness Visit to Cape Town

In February 2018 Acharya Mathias Pongracz left Austria and flew to the far shore of the African continent. He would have been happy to continue, if it weren’t for a group of Shambhalians eager to learn from his take-things-as-they-come approach.

Acharya Pongracz began teachings in Cape Town with a level 5, held at the Sufi Temple, aka ‘the spaceship’. As well known for its unusual architecture (a geodesic dome) as for its spiritual openness, the Sufi Temple proved the perfect location for practising the art of no technique, or non-attention. Mathias also gave a practically-oriented talk on ‘Creating a Culture of Kindness’ at Erin Hall.

The Cape Town community were joined by a number of Shambhalians from Johannesburg, who came in even greater numbers for the next weekend programme: the Rigden. This was held in the delightful and well-watered gardens of the Yoga Sanctuary in Constantia, where participants received hand-chosen names, pins recognizing their efforts, and a deeper insight into the depth of Shambhala teachings. Group discussions, placement meditation, and lavish bring & share meals were the order of the day.

We learned that from the right vantage point, we might hear things ordinarily out of our reach; that generosity can be as simple as touch; that just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t make you instant friends with guinea-fowl; and that sometimes we catch ourselves taking the wrong direction in life, but turning around is sure as heck easier than getting winched out.

Together we shared a heart-felt space as we ‘raised windhorse’ within our newly energised sanghas. Acharya Pongracz left after much sight-seeing with many well-wishes and requests to return.