Statement on Shambhala Leadership Crisis

The Shambhala Cape Town group acknowledges the difficulties that the Shambhala International Community is experiencing during this time of transition, particularly at the centre of the organisation.

While we have a number of different views on the current leadership crisis, we continue to find confidence in a common and regular practice of meditation, together to study the Buddhist and Shambhala dharma, and to relate with each other in open and respectful communication.

We remain committed to the vision and realisation of a robust, free and diverse society which respects all beings, cares for the planet at large, and protects all human beings from harm.

Cape Town, South Africa
February 2020

For more information on current events in Shambhala, please see this page (up to date as of Dec 2019)

Resources for Helping our Sangha to Understand Current Events in Shambhala