Get Involved

The more we help others, the softer and more fertile our heart becomes.
–  Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

How can I help?

With this simple question, we increase our potential to enrich the world, and ultimately to find our own joy. Using discipline to generate compassion, we leap beyond the fickleness of mood into the confidence of delight in helping others.

Shambhala South Africa is dedicated to helping our world by cultivating our own sanity. Every time you meditate, you help yourself and our world. And there are many ways to help beyond that simple step.


There are many opportunities to get involved by supporting Ongoing Programs such as helping set up and clean up, serve water, and greet people as they come in for the first time. As you progress along your path there are many way to deepen your practice by staffing weekend retreat programs or coordinating classes. We invite you to give back in whatever way you want and want to support your practice of generosity.

Contact our Coordinator to find out how you can help.

Becoming a Member

A member of Shambhala makes a connection to mindfulness-awareness practice, and works to integrate that practice into everyday life.

Members of Shambhala South Africa pay a small monthly membership fee in exchange for the benefit they’ve received from attending our groups or programmes. In return, members receive:

  • a discount for programmes and events
  • access to a library of books, audiobooks and DVDs
  • participation in decision-making processes such as our AGM

Read more about membership.


Shambhala SA is a not-for-profit organisation. Our finances are transparent and there is never any charge for attending our meditation/study groups, nor for meditation instruction. We do our best to keep the costs of programmes and events low, and offer work exchange and/or payments by instalment to those who truly can’t afford to attend.

We have monthly and day-to-day costs to defray, and our big, hairy, audacious goal is to purchase a premises in Cape Town. If you feel inspired to contribute monetarily to our mission, you can give by EFT. Our bank details are:

Bank: Nedbank
Account name: Shambhala Cape Town
Account type: Cheque
Branch: Rondebosch
Branch code: 104809
Account number: 1048090140

Read more about giving and payments.