The Birth of the Warrior - Training Level 2

with Brian Hilliard

December 7th—December 9th (2018)

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  • R1000 Price
  • R800 Members
  • R500 Repeats
  • R500 Students

This weekend looks at how to recognise the habitual patterns that prevent us opening to the experience of basic goodness. How to feel the fear and do it anyway!

After discovering our basic tenderness and intelligence that arises through contacting our basic goodness we also discover why we close down to our fundamental nature. Afraid of our brilliance, afraid of our own fear, we create a cocoon of habitual tendencies and interpretations that keeps us distracted. At the root, fear means the fear of death which means simply the death of “me”.

The weekend is non-residential and will take place at Erin Hall in Rondebosch. This is the second in a 2 year series of programmes planned to present the Way of Shambhala and Sacred Path. Prerequisite is Level 1. Please join us on the first step of this path if you possibly can as it will be pre-requisite for the upcoming programmes.
The retreat will be lead by visiting Shastri Brian Hilliard form Brussels. At 18 years old Brian Hilliard became a student of Chőgyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He completed the traditional Tibetan three-year retreat at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia.  Shastri Brian has completed the advanced levels of training in the Shambhala tradition. He teaches beginning and advanced students meditation for everyday life and Tibetan yoga. 
Costs are above and a full payment would be really welcome where possible, but no one will be turned away for financial reasons. If payment is an issue please register and state what you can afford to pay now. Please register here to confirm