Meek and Perky - Sacred Path

with Brian Hilliard

November 23rd—November 25th (2018)

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  • R1250 Price
  • R1050 Members
  • R650 Repeats
  • ($50.00 Material Fee included in each price.)

Meek is represented by the Tiger. Meek is the foundation and platform of the other three dignities. Any ordinary situation in our lives allows for the sense of meek to arise. Meek suspends judgement and allows our inquisitive nature to function. Ordinarily we may jump into a new situation, or pull back from it; meek allows us to stay with things as they are.

Perky is represented by the Snow Lion. The Snow Lion is vibrant, energetic, youthful, roaming in the clear fresh highlands. A sense of newness, goodness, cheerfulness, up-liftedness - the world is vivid, fresh, clear and bright.

The retreat will be lead by visiting Shastri Brian Hilliard form Brussels. At 18 years old Brian Hilliard became a student of Chőgyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He completed advanced training seminaries including Ngedön School, Nitartha Institute and three Vajradhatu seminaries. He did undergraduate studies in Tibetan language at The Naropa Institute. Brian completed the traditional Tibetan three-year retreat at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia. He has taught mindfulness in business, centers for well-being, and holiday retreats for over 35 years. Shastri Brian teaches beginning and advanced students meditation for everyday life and Tibetan yoga. He was born in Connecticut and has lived in Europe since 2000. Brian Hilliard loves cooking, running, accordion, Italia, yoga and travel.

This weekend retreat is intended for all who have completed the Drala Level of the Shambhala Sacred Path. For anyone who has completed the Rigden Weekend, please contact us, we can arrange for some recordings to be given to you and for some extra Windhorse Practice. There will be an extra material fee of R750 for the Black Ashe texts for these participants and a ceremony to present the Black Ashe over the weekend. (note the material fee of R50 is for the delivery of the Four Dignities text which will also be presented - this is already included in the total course fee and is incorrectly stated in $ above).

It will be held at the wonderful Yoga Sanctuary in Constantia, Cape Town. Very much looking forward to sharing this experience and space with you all.

Would anyone with accommodation - preferably a self-contained double cottage or unit - you could offer Shastri Brian and Shannon for two weeks after their teaching stay from 10th - 23rd December please let Nicola know on the registration form.