The Way of Shambhala

The Way of Shambhala offers a structured path introducing participants to the basics of mindfulness-awareness meditation and the Shambhala Buddhist teachings. This extensive program of courses and weekend retreats offers an experiential overview of practices, teachings, contemplative arts, and physical disciplines rooted in the ancient traditions of Shambhala and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Way of Shambhala Poster

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Suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, and open to people of any spiritual tradition, this series of classes and weekend meditation intensives is a strong foundation in how to live more mindfully, fearlessly and joyfully.

The courses are interactive, communal, and create a learning environment where the teachings are intimate and relevant. Participants train in meditation, and use inquiry, dialogue, and contemplative arts to integrate the teachings.

The weekend retreats are opportunities to deepen meditation practice in a powerful environment that meets the needs of a working week and family life.

You may start with any series except the Sacred Path. In each series, the courses or weekend retreats are designed to be taken sequentially. For example, Shambhala Training participants progress from Level I to Level V in sequence. The most gradual introduction is to take the Meditation in Everyday Life course first.

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